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Doesn’t style serve a multitude of purposes? Don’t we enjoy style as a broad range of creative activities and businesses, as a means of self-expression, as a method for distinguishing or differentiating ourselves? Isn’t style a tool for reinforcing or encouraging a particular state of mind? Isn’t it critical to first impressions for dating, mating and substantiating profession and position?

For millions of men and women, we revel in our personal style as revealed in our homes, our cuisine, the way we speak and of course, the way we dress. Having just enjoyed fashion month — New York, London, Paris, Milan — how many of us have followed with interest, if not passion?

What does style say about us as people? About our priorities? About our pleasures? What might psychologists have to say about our need for the identity we find in expressing elements of personal style?

As children, some of us gravitate toward certain colors, patterns, textures and shapes, while others may pay little mind to the aesthetics of their surroundings or clothing. I cannot explain it, but I have certainly observed it, and by the time children become preteens, many have already experimented with if not established elements of their personal style.

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