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Summer Collections For Women Let’s Beat The Heat In Style!

Seasons Changed, from cooling winter season to hot summer season, then why not our wardrobe. With good basics you’ll have endless options to choose from, remember it’s not about brand it’s about the style. So let's beat this Heat in style! Whatever be the season, why compromise with our style. Whether going for a picnic, a business meeting, or on family Vacation or any occasion we have got you with every fashion trend.

Trend in need always brings the fashion, the trend that you need. Looking beautiful & elegant, choosing from our widest range of Saree, thinking what to wear in family functions we have bright & shining colors, cotton material Indian Salwar suits collection. Mood for parties or confuse what to wear daily when we face the world with our western wear.

At Trend in need, we believe in promoting , supporting Indian Weavers, Manufacturers because like different cultures and different religions India also have beautiful fashion and trending style to stand shoulder to shoulder with the world “Kyoki Mera Desh Badal Raha hai Aage Badh Raha Hai.” whether it is in IT Industries, New Startup, going to Mars or Making Covid Vaccination, then how can we be behind in Fashion, in style, trends.

The seasons in India are completely different from each other, we need to have different fashion styles. Let's take you on a ride for style for your summer season. In this article, we will show you different fashion styles from the different states and streets of India for your summer needs. You will not only know the fashion culture of different states of India, but you can also do shopping while knowing. Is it not exciting! So Are you ready to go on an India Tour?


"Land of Kings”- A Perfect Experience of Royal Culture & Heritage. Rajasthan is the driest state of India, summer here is predominantly hot and sticky. Throughout the season the average temperature ranges between 32ºC to 45ºC in most of the parts of the state. So definitely they require a fabric that is not only adorable but also comfortable and breezy. They make it what they require. The Kota City of Rajasthan gave the solution for their summer need i.e. Kota Doria. So let's go to Kota and see how this fabric is very helpful for summer needs.

1) Kota Doria

Kota Doria is a comfortable, stylish yet elegant, and breezy fabric that you can wear during summers. You can’t compare this fabric feel with others. In summer, Kota Doria is a featherlight, comfortable translucent fabric that you can carry easily and still you can carry on with your fashion game. 

Kota Doria fabric is made of tiny woven square khat which is still handwoven on traditional pit looms in Kaithoon near Kota. Kota Doriya Sarees are made of pure cotton and silk and have square-like patterns.

Every small detail is done traditionally right from the setting of the patterns to graph making, dyeing of the fabric, and setting of the loom. Down South, it is still called by the name Kota Masuria.

Originally done in pure cotton, nowadays synthetic as well as silk threads are also woven along with cotton threads. This makes it affordable and more durable. The traditional Kota Doria is found in white color only and one needs to get it dyed in a different color. Single color dying, shaded patterns, Tie-dye patterns are common with new styles & are setting updated. Varieties such as printed Kota Doria and silk embroidered borders are becoming very popular among the youth as well. 

The range includes cloth beautifully decorated with gold thread and zari. The zari thread is woven or used for embroidery which makes this simple cotton very gorgeous and festive as well. Heavily embroidered with silk threads, works are also used as party wear today.The Kota Doria cloth has become an essential for summer wedding collections.

How to take care of the Kota doria Fabric

Kota Doria is not only comfortable and lightweight but is very easy to maintain.


  • Poly Kota Doria is easily taken care of, machine or hand wash is enough.
  • Foil Kota Doria, however, needs to be handled with a little more care. Using the brush is not recommended as the motifs can come off easily.



So now you must be thinking where to shop. Those fabric clothing so you have to travel Rajasthan obviously no, we have got you. With our Kota Doria Collection, we will also deliver it to your doorstep.
Trend in need brings varieties of Kota Doria collection in Sarees & Dress Materials. Have a look at the list of collections from which you can choose your comfy yet trendy clothing and can order it with just one click. 

So here we go:


Kota Doria Saree Collection

  • Kota Doria Block Printed Sarees
  • Kota Doria Brush Painted Sarees
  • Kota Doria Embroidered Sarees
  • Kota Doria Bandhani Print Sarees
  • Lehriya Print Sarees

2. Kota Doria Dress Material Collection

  • Kota Doria Block Prints Dress Material
  • Kota Doria Brush Printed Dress Material
  • Kota Doria Machine Embroidered Dress Material
  • Kota Doria Aari Work Dress Material
  • Kota Doria Gota Patti Work Dress Material

We also have one Special category for you Kota Doria Mix Basket. In this, we have hand-picked the most popular collection in Sarees and Dress materials. Now we think we have got you covered. No this is not the end, but it's just the beginning. Still, we have explored only one Summer Fabric collection for you. We will continue our fashion journey and let me tell you one secret about our next ride it's the city of Rajasthan which is also called "Pink City”. So are you ready to come with me on this ride?

Till then Take Care Stay Safe Stay Home and Shop from Trend in need.


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