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Terms & Conditions for manufacturers who wants to sell their products on Trend In Need

Trend In Need is a B2C platform where single product as well bulk orders will be sold. Trend In Need don’t charge any Subscription fee or Membership from any Seller. So to make sure every seller get its full benefit from this platform some Rules have been decided which are as follows.

  1. For Working as Seller on B2C platform of Trend In Need GST Registration is Compulsory.
  2. Sellers need to share at least 20-25 Catalogue for B2C Platform. Price of product should be Wholesale Price.
  3. Only Products which can be dispatched within 3 days should be shared.
  4. In case any product need more than 3 days but not more than 5 days to dispatch it need to be informed at the time of sharing product.
  5. In case Seller fails to dispatch product on mention time and order is cancelled by the Buyer before dispatch than Penalty of Rs. 200 will be charged to the Seller. In case buyer RTO product because of delay in dispatch than shipping charge for sending and RTO will be paid by Seller.
  6. Delays in dispatch Due to weather conditions, natural calamities or political issues which effect the production of product in the area need to be informed so same can be convey to the customer. In such cases no penalty will be charged to the seller.
  7. Product Images with full catalogue 1 Min Video will also be required so customer can understand the fabric and full design of the product. (Check below our Photo requirement). All the product photos should have white background and professionally shot using DSLR, we need high quality images to publish your listing of products on our website (File size of each image should be minimum 7-8 mb is required)
  8. Order received on Trend In Need will be prepaid as well as Cash on delivery. Prepaid order will be dispatched by Sellers via DTDC courier or Professional Courier. Tracking of which need to share as soon as dispatch done.
  9. In Trend In Need Platform cash on delivery orders are confirmed and then forwarded to the Seller to avoid RTO. After Confirmation of order also if Product is RTO by Customer than no charges are taken from seller. Trend In Need will bear the shipping charges.
  10. Trend In Need give Easy Return facility to Customers. In case no issue in the product and customer returning due to change of mind or not liking the product. Then customer will bear the sending and return shipping cost. In Case of any issue in the product send like missing product, defect or wrong product send than sending, returning & if customer want to exchange the product than shipping charge need to be paid by the Seller (Charges will be actual shipping cost Charged by our Courier partner Shiprocket).
  11. In Case of Return or RTO product tracking URL will be shared to the Seller. In case parcel not delivered and fake update given by courier person kindly update Trend In Need within 24- 48 hrs of fake update by courier  so timely action can be taken. Make sure to sign POD with proper Company stamp to avoid any fraud by Courier. Due to Seller not updating and parcel lost than Trend In Need will not be responsible for payment of such product.
  12. Payment will be made on Monthly basis on 7th Date of every Month of all orders that are successfully delivered and confirmed by the Buyer. Penalties, shipping charges as per Point 5th & 9th will be deducted from the Product Payment and will be mentioned in the order list shared.
  13. To avoid any delay in Payment, Seller need to share the GST Invoice as soon as order list have been shared by Trend In Need. In case of any dispute in the Order list shared it need to be discussed within 48 hrs of list received. In case seller fails to share the GST invoice before 7th than the said payment will be carried forward to next month.
  14. Incase any Return request received from customer due to any issue like Wrong Product send or any missing item or any defect in product, Trend In Need will inform Vendors and Vendors get 24-48hrs of time to update on the matter. If no update received from vendor side Trend In Need will initiate return and shipping cost for sending and returning the product will be on Vendor.

Trend In Need gives 100% support to Sellers from uploading product to Marketing of the product. No Charges are taken from Sellers. Above Rules and Penalties are made to make sure timely dispatch can be done.

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