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As Promised Trendinneed brings a wide range of Products from Indian Weavers from their Original Place to give the Best Original Quality to its Customers at the Best Price. Like we have given a wide range of Banarasi Sarees from Varanasi Uttar Pradesh, Linen Fabric from Bhagalpur, Bihar etc. Moving forward to this we are bringing here another most popular variety of fabric directly from Kota Rajasthan i.e. Kota Doria Fabric. We at Trendinneed not only give them a platform where they can order these Collections but also we try our best to let them know about these fabrics How do these fabrics come to start? Where do these fabrics get their name from? And most importantly, how to take care of these fabrics? We not only want our Customers to Buy these collections but we also try our best to make them know about the products they buy from us.
We will be answering many questions that we come across about Kota Doria Fabric. Like What is Kota Doria Fabric? Is Kota Doria Cotton? Where are Kota Doria Sarees Suits Manufactured?  What Varieties of collections are available in Kota Doria?  How to take care of Kota Doria Suits and Sarees? Etc.
What is Kota Doria Fabric?
Kota Doria or Kota Doriya is the name of a lightweight fabric made from tiny woven squares (khat) which remains handwoven on traditional pit looms in Kaithoon near Kota in Rajasthan and in a number of the encompassing villages. Kota Doriya Sarees are made from pure cotton and silk and have square like patterns referred to as khats on them. The chequered weave of a Kota sari is extremely popular. they’re very fine weaves and weigh very little.
History of Kota Doria?
It is said that Rao Kishore Singh of Kotah brought weavers from Mysore in Karnataka to Kotah, in the mid 17th century, as they wove a characteristic small squared lightweight cotton fabric that appears like graph paper and is suitable for turbans.

Since the weavers had come from Mysore, the material produced was called Kota masuriya. it had been woven on narrow 8-inch looms to form the normal pages (turbans) and afterwards, broader looms were used for gossamer-light saris. Silk was added to the cotton during a 20:80 ratio approximately to offer the sari strength. This has become the standard cotton silk Kota Doria blend. Nowadays handwoven cotton silk Kota Doria sarees have also become popular. Initially, the planning referred to as a buti was small and regular but larger designs are now made consistent with fashion and taste. a typical sari is 6.5 metres long and includes the blouse piece. (Credit Source Wikipedia )

Is Kota Doria Cotton? Or is it suitable for Summer Season?
Kota Doria fabric may be a unique blend of the 2 most generally worn fabrics i.e Cotton and Silk.
The weaving of those two is fabrics Cotton and Silk is completed in such a way as to produce square check patterns on the resulting fabric. It’s these square patterns that make this fabric one of its own kinds. And Kota Doria has been known everywhere on the planet for its finest open weaving craft. In fact, it’s taken all the positive qualities of both the fabrics-Cotton and Silk. Kota Doria has an equivalent strength as Cotton and therefore the same mesmerising lustre and softness as silk. The addition of silk also makes this fabric transparent which successively makes a particularly lightweight and breathable fabric. And that, in turn, makes it the foremost favourable fabric for summers.

What Varieties of collections are available in Kota Doria?

Nowadays Varieties of Collections are available in Kota Doria Suits, Kota Doria Sarees, Kota Doria Dupattas etc. Such as Tie Dye Kota Doria, Brush Painted Kota DoriaShibori Printed Kota DoriaZari Woven Kota Doria,  Not only this but not it’s also available with Machine Embroidered making this collection a world-famous fabric.

How to take Care of Kota Doria Fabric?
  • To keep the Fabric Originality, give the first few washes for dry cleaning, if washing at home, do a delicate hand wash with cold water, and finally with a mild detergent.
  • Never Soak the Kota Doria Fabric for more than 5 to 8 min or else it will result in colour bleeding.
  • Dry the fabric in shade. Avoid Direct Sunlight.
  • Never squeeze or twist the fabric
  • Always Iron the fabric in medium-low
At Trendinneed we bring all these collections in one place. These collections are available in varieties of colours & designs.